California Commercial Tobacco Control

The Public Health Law Center and the American Lung Association in California were awarded a 5-year contract by the California Tobacco Control Program (CTCP) at the California Department of Public Health to support commercial tobacco control professionals and advocates in their work to end the commercial tobacco epidemic in California. The contract for the Law and Policy Coordinating Center began July 1, 2019. In order to better match the mission, our team is now referring to itself as the Law and Policy Partnership to End the Commercial Tobacco Epidemic.

Commercial tobacco use remains the number one cause of preventable death, disease, and disability in the United States. Direct health care costs attributed to commercial tobacco use in California alone are $13.29 billion annually. After decades of hard work, California has the second lowest statewide rate of smoking in the U.S., but there are still challenges. California has more smokers (3.2 million) than the entire population of Utah. Also, specific population groups are smoking at much higher rates, and as a result, are suffering disproportionately.

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Kern County Tobacco Education Sign and Tobacco Products

Kern County's Tobacco Retailer Licensing Program (2020)

This case study examines Kern County’s tobacco retailer licensing program and how its enforcement efforts throughout the county have been successful by using one enforcing agency.

PHLC and ALA Combined Logo

Webinar: Introducing the New Law and Policy Coordinating Center

This webinar shares more about the law and policy expertise that the American Lung Association of California and the Public Health Law Center and will bring to California communities, and to answer any questions about working collaboratively with our team to improve the health of all Californians.

Man behind convenience store counter

Regulating Flavored Tobacco Products (2019)

A practical guide for communities and policymakers interested in drafting and implementing policies that regulate flavored tobacco products.

Juul e-cigarette

JUUL and the Guinea Pig Generation: Public Health Concerns about Use by Young People (2018)

Information resource about JUUL e-cigarettes, their rise in popularity among youth and young adults, and the concerns public health and tobacco control professionals have about these products.

E-cigarettes and e-liquid

E-Cigarette Regulation - California (2020)

This page is part of a 50-state survey (plus Washington, D.C.) of current state statutes pertaining to e-cigarette regulations in the following areas: definition of “tobacco product,” taxation, product packaging, youth access/other retail restrictions, licensure, and smoke-free air legislation.